Dekker Appraisal Services provides real estate valuations for a number of purposes including:

  • Mortgage Financing/Refinancing
  • Estate Planning
  • Marital Settlement
  • Employee Relocation
  • Progress Inspections on new construction and renovation projects
  • Private Sale
  • Ecological Gift Program

Areas of service for Dekker Appraisal Services (Based in  Drayton) include all or parts of Wellington County, Dufferin County,  Grey County, and Perth County.


All real estate appraisal assignments are completed following the Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (CUSPAP)

Real Estate Valuations

Mortgage Financing/Refinancing

Though many lenders will order an appraisal themselves, some may ask the home owner to find an appraiser.

Dekker Appraisal Services has completed appraisals for the following financial institutions:  Scotiabank; CIBC; RBC; TD Canada; Bank of Montreal; Pace Credit Union; First National; Excalibur; HomEquity Bank; RMG; MCAP; MCAP Eclipse; Equitable Bank; National Bank of Canada; Equity Credit Union; Energy Credit Union; Meridian Credit Union; Tanda Financial Credit Union; Verico; Canada Western Trust; Rapport Credit Union; ICICI Bank; Momentum Credit Union; Desjardin; Lendwise; B2B Bank; MCF Investments; Community Trust; Investors Group; Canada Guarantee; Fireside Mortgage Investment Corp.; Premiere Canadian Mortgage Corp.; Haventree Bank; Optimum Mortgages; Kindred Credit Union;  Canada Life Mortgage; Sentrix Financial; 8Twelve Capital Corp; Mainstreet Credit Union; Oz Capital; RFA Mortgages; Oppono Lending; Power-Can Financial; Mountain Ash Investments; Secure Capital; Royal Canadian Mortgage; First Ontario Credit Union; Vault Capital Inc.; Hosper Mortgage; Olympia Trust; First Fidelity Mortgage; Financial Square Inc; Pillar Financial.

Estate Planning

The Ontario Estate Information Return states that the ‘fair market value’ of real estate ‘at the time of death’ is required (a retrospective appraisal). Appraisals completed by Dekker Appraisal Services are accepted by the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).

Matrimonial Settlement

Whether one party is buying out the other, the divorce is settled in an amicable way or through arbitration or court proceedings, a professional and unbiased appraisal report is valuable in estimating the value of your real estate.

New Construction or Major Renovations

Are you planning to built a new home or undertaking major renovations on your current home but you are not sure if the investment will result in the desired return?

By hiring a professional appraiser to estimate the current market value of the dwelling or renovations ‘upon completion’ may be able to aide in your construction or renovation plans.

Private Listing

If you are thinking of listing your property privately but would rather not involve a real estate agent, an unbiased and objective appraisal report will tell you what the market in your neighbourhood is doing, what comparable properties have sold for, how your property compares to neighbouring properties, and may be also a useful tool in the sale negotiations.

Ecological Gift Program

Are you looking to donate land under the Government of Canada Ecological Gift Program? Alinda and Daniel have both completed the Ecological Gifts Program’s Appraiser Training Workshop and have completed numerous appraisal assignments following the program’s appraisal guidelines.

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